Refreshing Beers that will Help you Recover Faster

Refreshing Beers that will Help you Recover Faster

Most runners consider beers as not healthy but there might be some beers that is indeed good for you after running. Beer, when consumed moderately, can be acceptable after a run and can also be your rehydrator since beers can have protein and calories. Red wine can be the usual idea of a “good for the heart” alcoholic drink. However, there is something that a beer and red wine have in common. It has ethanol content that helps lower bad cholesterol and increase the good ones which basically helps the heart. In addition, moderate alcohol consumption is associated with the lower risk of diabetes, lowered gallstones incidence and improved memory. Moderate consumption can be categorized as consuming a 12-ounce beer each day for women and two 12-ounce beer each day for men. You should still always keep in mind on the labels of what you are consuming.

Here is a list of beers that may help you recover faster:

  1. Zelus Race Pace

Contains 3.7 percent of alcohol, this boosts the benefits of sodium, calcium and potassium.

  1. Avery Go Play IPA

With 5.5 percent of alcohol content, this drink is perfect for drinking after running. It infuses the potassium and sodium.

  1. Sufferfest FKT

This has a lightly tart pale drink was named after the fastest record for a trail. It adds black currants which are rich in vitamin C and sodium.

  1. Goose Island Soleil

Specially developed as a post-run beer, this is refreshingly dry that has a pleasant floral flavor and contains kombucha and ginger.

  1. Dogfish Head SeaQuench

This is a refreshing beer that is blended with 3 German beer styles to create a perfect post run beer.

  1. Mispillion War Goose

Contains grape flavored electrolytes that gives it a fruitier flavor.